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Dante's Inferno
Personal Philosophy

The Cold, Hard Truth about what I believe. You Probably won't agree. Oh well!


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Well, you wanted to know about my personal philosophies, so here ya go. I'm generally happy. Not always happy, but well above the average happiness level of an American. Have you ever noticed how unhappy the world is? I really do think that the Industrial Revolution made this country lose its soul. Everyone's so worried about their own job and bank account that we can't be happy because we don't have time. I mean, isn't it funny how clinical depression has become so widespread in the Modern Age? I mean, it's such an easy concept to think that we were put here to help each other, and yet so few people actually understand that. Jesus understood that, and yet the church that came after him has no idea of it to this day. They're too busy with their own bank accounts and the altar boys. One of my favorite lines about religion is in the movie "Oh God!" When John Denver explains to God (George Burns) that he doesn't have a religion, God replies "Neither do I." That's true. No religion is "the right religion." I personally think that Buddhism comes closest to the concept that we're here to help eachother, but no religion is right on. Religion fills the gap of the people who don't want to think for themselves. I personally enjoy thinking for myself and forming my own opinions. I get annoyed when anyone tries to dictate what I think. Some people are so close-minded though because of the "doctrines of faith." When an Evangelical Pastor went to Jackie and Jess's Philosophy class, he was asked what would happen to Jewish people in the afterlife. This close-minded "Human" replied that "since they don't accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, they'll all burn in hell." Damned if he wasn't playing to the wrong crowd since about 1/2 of my high school was Jewish. He's lucky he didn't get strung up to a large Manora and pegged with Dreidels and Matzoh Balls. I like Jewish people because they're content to be selective and they don't try to recruit everyone under the sun. In fact, they don't want you if you're not already Jewish. When's the last time you heard of a Jewish Missionary? That's what I thought...

Islam's too radical for me. Islam basically justifies the murder of anyone non-Islamic. Severely goes against the "we're here to help eachother philosophy," doesn't it. It's also very constricting with its rules, which also go against women in most of the fundamentalist countries. I mean, if I was a woman in an Islam country, my first thought would be "You want me to cover my what? Screw you!" That would also my only thought. Hinduism is a decent religion, but there's too many gods and godesses for my liking. Especially since all of them aren't good gods. You have gods of death, famine, and destruction. That isn't cool. I don't respect religions that use fear as a weapon of faith. That basically knocks out Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism. And since the Jews don't want me, that now brings me to Buddhism.

I like Buddhism. It believes in Reincarnation, I believe in Reincarnation. It believes that we're here to help eachother, I believe that we're here to help eachother. They're pacifists, I'm a pacifist. I mean, the leaders of the Buddhist religion wouldn't even use harsh language against the Taliband rebels that destroyed the huge Buddhist Statues. That shows true pacifism. If it was the US, we would've bombed them before you can say George W. Bush. With the reincarnation deal, I just think it makes more sense. We come into this world with too many predispositions for certain things and certain people. Let alone talent. You ever wonder how some people have talent and others don't? I also think that there's too much to do in one lifetime, or even 100. If we knew nothing when we're born, it would take too much time to learn everything at the rate that we learn it at. Just makes more sense to me.

I mean, I'm not saying that there isn't a God, because even if we are spiritual beings trying to learn life's lessons, how were we formed in the first place? God, no God, I don't know. It would be a lot easier for everyone if God would just pop his or her head out from behind a cloud and say "Yup, I'm here, so stop being stupid!" It would at least give us some closure. But those are my views on Religion and God. Keep coming back, cuz I'll change this page as frequently as I can.


Favorite Word: Falafel

Favorite Music:
Chicago, Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Springsteen.

Favorite Person to Make Fun of: Barry Spetter, Principal of Morris Hills High School

Favorite Place to get Kicked out of: Rockaway Lanes