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Dante's Inferno
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The Movie Company of the Damned!!!


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Potted Meat Food Product: An Expose

When we were making the Winkie Video, which you can read about below, we discovered the mystery that is Libby's Potted Meat Food Product. Our mission: An Information Gathering Session on this product, which doesn't even have nutritional information on the small little can. We went to Shoprite and purchased 4 cans for a dollar of change. We interviewed the cashier, who was a scary scruffy teen who said that he had eaten the vile substance many times before. However, after seeing the effects of actually eating Potted Meat, I think that he had to be lying. Mainly because he was alive and capable of some thought. He also had hair, and baldness has GOT to be one of the side effects if blindness and temporary death are as well. Curious as to how we know what the side effects are of eating Potted Meat? Curious how we could ever get anyone to eat this abomination of God? Read on, young one. Read on...

* Unlike our Stupid Crap Encyclopedia, I condone everyone making whatever movie they want. Have fun, and tape everything. It's a lot more fun watching yourself the second time.