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Dante's Inferno

My Personal Paradise...

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My name is Eric Dante. I am one of the few people on Earth that has a good outlook on life. The rich are sad because of their money, and the poor are sad because of their lack of it. I tend to be closer to the poor end of the spectrum, but I really don't care. That's just part of my personal philosophy, so click on the link "Personal Philosophy" to hear more. This site is dedicated to having a fun time, so Enjoy!

The Random Crap Encyclopedia is where I'll post all of the weird stuff that deserves to be posted. The Hostile Movies page describes the movie productions that my friends and I have made. The Friends page actually tells a little about all of my messed-up friends. Yes, they're all messed up, because if they weren't, they probably would lose their mind by hanging out with us. The ME! Page will tell you about,! Duh! If you want to email me, feel free since it normally is free to do so. Check back every once in a while for new stuff.

What's New?

April 13th

Jackie and I found 3 more brands of Potted Meat. Now there's Libby's, Armour, Bryan, Pathmark, Goya, and Hormel. Hormel is truly scary because they use their leftovers to make Spam. Where does the Potted Meat come from?!? Anyway, we bought two cans of the Bryans, and we dropped one can off at Dan's house in a Drive-by meating for his birthday. We also met a cool ferret at the pet store and are determined to keep a ferret at Jess's house since we're both going to be at school.

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